Life Changing Mindset Hacks for 2021 (Part: II)

Note: This is a continuation from the post "Life Changing Mindset Hacks for 2021 (Part: I)". Let's not stop at just stop at six hacks when there are even more golden gems waiting to be dropped still.

7. Set goals for fun and begin with the hardest one first

Staying stagnant is unproductive, which brings in feelings of being stuck and unaccomplished.

According to the University of Scranton, a mind-blowing 92 percent of people who set New Year’s goals never end up achieving them.

Simply put, just do yourself a favour and break down the steps of your hardest goals into mini milestones.

I’ll give you an example of my hardest goal for 2018.

Here is an example of how I used mini milestones to break down a skill or subject that I wanted to master.

Please remember that there are learning curves.

It takes time to develop a new skill!

Hard Skill: Launching a website to create an e-commerce business

Mini milestones were just reversed engineered:

Milestone 1: Planning & Discovery (2 to 10 weeks)

Milestone 2: Design (4 to 12 weeks)

Milestone 3: Content Creation & SEO (5 to 15 weeks)

Milestone 4: Development and Coding (6 to 15 weeks)

Milestone 5: Beta Testing (2 to 6 weeks)

Milestone 6: Launch …My domain was created on May 10th, 2019 @ 2:58 pm 😊

Milestone 7: Ongoing Maintenance…daily until present day

- Rough timeline courtesy of

Just calculating the rough timeline here there is approximately 54 weeks of unpaid and work upfront before the site even launches. Just take that into consideration as a sole proprietor who's bootstrapping.

8. You don’t need permission to rethink your actions as an adult and human being

You don’t need permission to take a step back and halt any actions that don’t feel good to you. Own it.

If you are feeling negative vibrations constantly radiating off of a “friend” then let that “friendship go”.

We are only as weak as the actions taken on our weakest thought (-Articulate Tee).

So, if something or someone has you rethinking the actions you are presently taking then then cut it out. You know that action or situation is not serving you with any value or your subconscious wouldn’t be tripping.

For real.

Regarding social media, my mantra is unfollowing who you need to unfollow to stay mentally healthy and support a positive reflection of self.

Please do not equate your self worth with like, follows and vanity data analytics. They mean nothing without community behind the numbers.

9. Manifest your desired life by passionately practicing in believing in yourself

It took many years for me to work on my self-esteem even until today I have to use self-love mantras to remind myself that:

“I am enough and worthy of love, acceptance, success, understanding and support. My troubles seem like a lion today but will then turn into a house cat in time. I got this…keep moving forward”

You want to be your first follower on Facebook, that first like on IG, the first saved pin on Pinterest. This is the level of support you would give your best friends but what about yourself?

You are your own best friend and know your needs, wants and desires if you do the work to understand yourself. To understand how you operate as a human being. Lift yourself up when you are beginning to fall and not have to rely on other human beings to refill your spirit.

10. Minimize failure and be three steps ahead of the game because of your smarts

There is method to the organizational madness.

I am no chess player so I can’t use that analogy, but I do know how to save my resources for an emergency.

It is imperative to outline your end goal and prepare for that by using your intuition, experiences and knowledge.

These tools allow for us to use rational analysis while making decisions. Use your internal bank of knowledge from past experiences, reading about the experience of others from forums or have witnessed something being done firsthand.

Be careful to not create biases by looking at evidence like facts and numbers to question and challenge your assumptions.

11. Hold onto your power by boldly owning your past in a way that captures your story

Do take the time to be authentically you.

There is no one on the face of the Earth who knows your story like you do. Sharing your story or actively listening to the story of another human being challenges, shapes and strengthens our opinions as well as viewpoints.

When you share a story that is deeply engaging it captures the attention of others and we’re more likely to absorb the message compared to a monotoned rendition plagued with numbers, facts and figures.

Beware of who you let into your life. They may not be around for the right reasons and could have ulterior motivations to derail your visions, goals and aspired lifestyle

12. Be passionate about your incredible vision by planning results and giving it time to come into existence

The more passionate you are as a human being the higher the odds of you living a happier and more content life. Passionate people are always willing to put in the work need to manifest their envisioned life.

They hustle using their smarts and heart to efficiently accomplish their goals to the highest standards.

When you care deeply about the work, you’re doing the passion radiates outwardly like a bright star!

Results don’t just happen.

You know this though. You need to plan thoroughly for success AND put in the efforts needed to start and keep the momentum alive.

Once you are on a schedule do not get comfortable…for too long 😊 Be present and enjoy your experience but use them to continue serving others. Rinse and repeat!

Last word: Don't cheat yourself of an amazing life by taking shortcuts that lead you down a path of unproductivity. It's hard work to change unwanted patterns of behaviours.

Have you taken some time out to reflect on your recent accomplishments whether large or small?

I am striving to build a collection of high-quality content and appreciate your readership for real. Let me know how I am doing and what you'd like to see more or less of in the comments!

- Articulate Tee

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