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Articulate Tee
(Tara Omorogbe)

Tara’s on a mission to transform society’s version of what it means to be human by questioning how we move through life on a daily basis. Do we dance to the beat of our drums and thrive because of self-expression or conform to standards presented by society, family, friends, and/or religion? A combination of her life experiences mixed with mental and physical health battles has led her to massive levels of awareness. She is a great keynote speaker who is building a safe space for others to unapologetically express their authentic selves and confidently own their personal stories while healing on their journey. With every conversation Tara inspires others to boldly live in their truth and own their personal success (and failures) without shame.


Tara is living in her truth and creating light in this world by advocating and helping others who have challenging socio-economic backgrounds through her e-courses, blog, and public speaking engagements. She has gained an online following of nearly five hundred by standing in her truth, remaining authentic, but most importantly, inspiring others to embrace their humanity and voice while continuing to grow their minds, bodies, spirits, finances, and visions.


She is also known for advocating on the topic of making her communities safe and bettering the relationships with the Toronto Police Service. After a summer job as an administrative assistant with the police, then 18-year-old Tara had her own view: "They are people like you and I. They're working, they're trying to make our streets cleaner and safer for all of us," she says. Her work focuses on bettering ourselves, our communities, and the world and her advocation has been described as impactful, powerful and at times fearless. Tara is a strong advocate who bridges intersectionality and creativity into her work.

She is building a community and has experience leading personal and professional development workshops for post-secondary institutions, employment agencies and other community-based organizations across the Greater Toronto Area +.


Omorogbe has been keen on learning from a young age and graduated from Culinary Management and Human Resources (Business) and studied Food and Nutrition Management-Post Grad over a span of an 11-year academic career. She is well-versed in subjects such as business management, mental and physical health, human resources, training/development, and project management. She is currently working on her dream brand Articulate Tee and has branched out in course creation.

Tara has been featured in the Toronto Star on her lived experience of living in at-risk neighbourhoods and working for the TPS as an administrative assistant for a summer job in 2008. She is working on being featured on more platforms to spread awareness and change for people who have lived experiences with challenging socioeconomic backgrounds who have to navigate barriers on a daily basis.

Tara in 2023
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