Life Changing Mindset Hacks for 2021 (Part: I)

That time of year has come around full circle again…

You know that time; Writing down New Year resolutions for yourself to accomplish before December 31st.

Keep in mind that if you want a different outcome then you need to change the related behaviour(s).

Let’s be real here;

If you are eager to learn about the power of perspective and mindset then your life will change for the better.

I know you have been using Articulate Tee’s version of s.m.a.r.t goals here to write out accountable goals but something may be holding you back from taking action.

Are you relating to this feeling right now?

See…you may be having doubts, don’t know how to handle failure, or you are not as committed to achieving the goal as you think you are to get your manifested life.

Vulnerable moment: Before starting this business venture of blogging, I was full of doubt and fear. These feelings stemmed from having to open up and share my life to the world while stepping into the entrepreneurial journey.

The bottom line was that I couldn’t avoid putting in the work to change my perspective and mindset.

Truth be told; once I did that – my life changed for the better!

Personal development is not easy, whatsoever.

I don’t want to make this look like a stroll down easy street on a sunny day, while you wear your rose-coloured glasses.

Your motives in life are supported (or not) by deeply rooted daily behaviours. It takes a substantial amount of will power and mental focus to change your behaviours, thoughts and beliefs.

Morale of the story:

The key is changing deeply rooted daily behaviours and thoughts. This strategy gets closer to your manifested goals in life. You cannot skip this step. You may try to cheat the universe, but the universe will end up cheating you.

So, what do you need to do then?

Promise yourself to surrender to the process of change and commit to it one hundred percent.

I have curated a list of the top 12 optimal hacks to restart your mindset and manifest the life of fulfilment that you so desire.

This post will have a part I (tips 1 through 6) and part II (tips 7 through 12) will be out next week so be on the lookout.

1. Be present in the moment by paying attention to your thoughts and fears

Let’s reverse engineer the broken process that you have been living this year to stop the unwanted outcome(s).

Step one is to stop the negative self-talk.

I’ve learned from my past experiences that positive self-talk is where your personal development journey begins!

We carry a mantra (positive or negative) throughout life. From successes to failures, we shape our life experiences from thoughts in our brains that you will or won’t act on. The thought process goes like this:

Thoughts > Emotions >Behaviour >Outcome > Repeat

Do you see where I’m going with this?

You in fact hold the power to change the direction of your life by first changing your thoughts.

This is followed by a change in emotions and behaviours because of the actions you took to change your outcome. If the changes in outcome are the results you wanted, then repeat the steps again.

This is the Queen Bee of mindset hacks on this list.

2. Failed outcomes allow you to build up a resilience (and that’s perfectly okay!)

Okay, so you’ve used the thought process above to detail your desired outcome, but you ended up failing and not seeing the results you desire.

I relate one hundred percent to this. For example my many business ideas that I conjured up only to fail yet again. So, go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate your present thoughts. Ask yourself:

- Are my thoughts healthy and positive or riddled with negativity?

- Are the results you want out of life being supported by your present thoughts, emotions and actions?

- Can I start looking at the glass as half full instead?

- Will I be content when I reach my desired outcome?

The best way to see your error is to reverse engineer the thought process:

Outcome > Behaviour > Emotions > Thoughts > Repeat

It’s okay. Make the daily changes until you get the desired outcome.

3. Be reliant on your own skills/resources to create value thus solving your pain points

You cannot re-invent the wheel as the common saying goes.

You can however look within your own set of unique skills and abilities to see how they can create value for you in your own life circumstances.

The next step is to then solve the pain points (outcomes) that are negatively impacting the achievement of your mini milestones.

How can you be reliant on your skills? Have confidence in your abilities and continue using the skills as to not lose it. The more you do something the better you become at it.

Not great at spelling? Practice spelling apps on your phone.

Want to learn how to save better for that overdue staycation? Use a financial tracking app for example: “TD My Spend” to keep track of and reduce your variable expenses.

No one can do this inner work for you. You know this though.

4. Make permanent self-care time blocks to meditate, sleep, reflect, exercise to notice the results you’ve created within your life

As human beings we tend to focus on the future, the next steps, the end of our desired destination. Life is the arcade game of wack-a-mole.

You pass all of your mini milestones and complete your desired destination only to have another “mole” appear elsewhere.

The process and the work needed then restarts.

There’s something to remember though. Enjoy the journey in its entirety.

Look back at all of your progress from a bird’s eye view while soaking in a warm Epsom salt bath.

The point here is to connect our minds and bodies with our positive experiences. It’s important to stay present and enjoy all of life’s moments.

5. Don’t take things so seriously just blast some music to boost your spirits again

Real talk here.

You need to be able to find your release and put that s—t on everything.

If you worry about the small things like your spouse leaving their socks by the front door or your neighbour clicking his car alarm three times in a row every morning, then your life is going to be pretty miserable.

Learn to live unbothered. You need to let the things you cannot change…go.

If you are taking every area of life so seriously then you will struggle with over-analyzing unnecessary battles.

It’s more than tiring and very taxing on your well-being and mental health.

I love the miseducation of Lauryn Hill as my grounding music or some afro beats to dance away my worries.

Find something that grounds your thoughts and uplifts your spirits so you can experience the freeing of your mind, body and soul.

6. Be open minded to presently aligned opportunities to stop an outcome fixation

If you are continuously worrying about the future, you’ll never be able to healthily reflect on your past accomplishments whether large or small.

The worry is an unproductive whisper that gets you nowhere.

In order to halt the worry, you should be opening yourself up to opportunities aligned with your lifestyle and vision.

According to “Only 8% of worries are worth it” meaning stress less and live more in the moment to stop fixating on the future.

I can’t give away all the tips in one post but I will be posting part II next week so stay tuned :)

What is the vision you are working on daily to manifest in this lifetime? I am interested and invested in your future so share with me by commenting below.

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- You are as capable in creating your realities as any other basic ( Including me ;)…)

- Articulate Tee

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