Secrets Hacks for Millennials to Better Your Hustle

Hey fellow Millennials,

So, I wanted to talk today about how our unique social and economical pressures are affecting our personal growth, so, the reason why our personal growth is being affected is because there is no clear cut path to happiness, success, or career opportunities, advancements or longevity.

There's nothing like that anymore.

The whole concept that you put your head down and you climb the ladder, that's old school mentality, and that doesn't work anymore.

So what we have to do is understand that for personal growth there is no clear cut line for success.

You have to forge on your own and try to use your knowledge, your skills, your abilities, to overcome your hardships and transform downfalls into opportunities.

So there is no single correct path of how you're going to do this, you just have to find the tools and find a gap in your environment and see how you could uplift yourself.

This is the reality for us fellow millennial. So self-care it up! For real, practice self-care

routines to be your best self most of the time (we all have our crappy times lol) as we trek through the trenches of life in this generation.

On average millennials will change jobs/careers a maximum of four times before the age of thirty-one! This statistic is just mind-blowing and reflect the instability of the job markets.

The is no blueprint for success, so to get success you need to make success for yourself.

No one is going to show you how to be happy. This is one area that is heavy on self discovery and you need to find out what you need to do to make yourself happy.

Check out my full video on YouTube on the expansion of this subject!

- Thanks for reading and check out this post and use music to motivate changes now!

- Articulate Tee

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