Introductory Post

Who are you?

I am... Articulate Tee. An Afro-Canadian 80's baby, single head of household, spoonie, mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, aunt, volunteer, professional chef, nutritionist, newly graduated human resource professional, entrepreneur, lover of anything food-related with a cherry on top of a mildly worrisome music and organizational obsession.

Why are you blogging?

I am blogging to share resources when pursuing economic security for marginalized individuals. I am already taking it there with you, but this blog is about documenting in real-time the building of a micro-economy for marginalized individuals.

I will begin to write regularly, so that, I can finally find my community and voice again. I am

not one for filtering my views, natural inclination and opinions. I am one to explore any uncomfortable conversations, topics, or themes on this page via my articulated thoughts.

My education includes a Human Resource (2019) and Culinary Management (2008-2010) diploma from George Brown College. I am continuing my education through Con-Ed to complete my CHRP (Certified Human Resource Professional) designation.

Who are you writing for?

I write for freedom and economic security. I write to break free of the cycle of poverty that I live, breath and lose sleep over daily. I write to build sound networks of like minds and gain new community along my journey. Lastly, I write for the underdog since the underestimation is real.

It is therapeutic for me to channel my high stress into positive outlets. Outlets that lead to

opportunities because it is an organic process of discussing and sharing ideas within the world around me.

What are you going to be blogging about?

I am web-logging strategies to hack outdated views and re-establish stronger paradigms by starting my first blog. I am a very quick learner with a high level of observational skills.

My memory recall of situations, people, or objects fascinates others. This is my superpower and it has shaped the reason as to why I have come far in such a short time here on earth. I am blogging to share with you my journey and views as well as listen actively to yours.

Topics will always have a commonality of bettering one's self. Examples such as how to stay motivated when facing adversity, how to conduct labor market research to better plan your job/career, and identifying opportunities for those in need.

These examples are just the tip of this iceberg.

How to get involved?

The call-to-action is to overstand the circumstances and messages that we discuss here and share it with those who it may resonate with. Let us get out of our heads by proactively shedding outdated and stagnant patterns of behaviours, thoughts or feelings for the betterment of the people.

Clearly, stated blogging goals?

Within a year of this first post, I am committed to writing up to four (high quality) posts monthly to build up an impactful resource via blog. I will continue developing the website until its final design is set within the first year in this cyberspace.

I will expand my media and promotional presence by getting exposed and actively participating in my blog communities, social media sites, guest blogging and other creative ventures!

My passion in life has and always will be to continue creatively expressing myself.

I wish you could see my soul ablaze just burning for change as my passion for professional writing and motivational speaking slowly morphs into a mutually beneficial business in the long term.

I am on a mission to guide others through problems I or others have encountered using solution-oriented content. My inner circle knows that there is a uniqueness about her (Articulate Tee) that motivates and inspires others to better themselves one step at a time.

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