The Barriers To Black Success in 2022 and beyond!

Firstly, this is post right here is in recognition of black history month, 2022.

To be completely transparent with you the things you are about to read may make some individuals feel discomfort within themselves.

However, the purpose of writing these words today are to help those who do not understand how: intersectionality, racism, sexism, systemic inequality, socioeconomic barriers, as well as natural and inherited biases impede on the success of Black people. Let alone Black entrepreneurs.

Let alone intersectional Black digital entrepreneurs like myself, Tara Osahonumwen Omorogbe, also know as Articulate Tee Inc.

My community has been suffering in plain sight. I was born and raised in the province of Ontario which contains 52.4% of the entire Black population in Canada. Yet, the Black population in Canada has higher poverty rates, lower employment rates, lower median annual wages, and lower educational attainment compared to the total Canadian population.

“Recent data from the Labour Force Survey shows that Black people in Canada are less likely to be self-employed than the non-racialized population in Canada. The low levels of entrepreneurship among the Black community have been attributed to a lack of information on where to acquire funding, financing difficulties, and discrimination.”

Why is this still happening in 2022?

Well…this can also be linked to decades of anti-black racism and microaggressions that have played out in our personal and professional lives. Also, we cannot forget about the carefully crafted policies and systems designed to favour those who do not bear our black skin, tradition, culture, and language(s).

I (Tara) have been unjustifiably arrested in 2013, faced homelessness twice in the years 2013 (without child) and 2016 (with child), survived domestic abuse, have been evicted as well as denied housing because of my Blackness (despite having an incredibly good credit score), lost a high paying government job (due to racial profiling/sexual harassment *victim*/discrimination). Yet, revealing the tip of my life’s iceberg to you has quickly demonstrated how resilient of a woman that I am. A Black woman who -many a times- has been forced to pick herself up and move on with life with trauma in tow.

As you have read, my entrepreneurial experience have been challenged by the ways in which the Black community faces barriers to success. Yet…my story is far from unique or a one-off experience.

That is why I am sharing with you today the answer as to how I have overcome all of this…which has been through developing a growth mindset, deepening my self-awareness and entrepreneurship.

I have used research, resourcefulness, and clear communication to gain access to opportunities that others have only dreamed of. This is because I choose -on the daily- to tap in vulnerability, advocacy and realism while providing value to my community in hopes that we could build thriving micro-ecosystems.

Imagine yourself in our shoes. We have the brains, strong will, determination, skills, knowledge, strength, talent, endurance, and other competencies but still have to run the race with one hand tied behind our backs, blindfolded on a path riddled with disadvantages. Black people have endured racism for so long and are still enduring it just in less outright ways throughout Canada.

I will continue to provide value and serve my community through course creation, keynote speaking, blogging, workshop facilitation and advocacy as long as I carry breath in my body.

- Sincerely A Phenomenal Black Female Entrepreneur

- Articulate Tee (2022)


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