10 Secret Traits of Resourceful People

How do some individuals turn that fifteen cents into a dollar?

Do you know an early riser who is up and on the go at 5am in the morning, every morning?

Have you ever completed a nearly sixty-dollar ($56.85 CND) shopping trip and only had to pay six dollars and eighty-five cents ($6.85 CND) out of pocket?

Yes. Those following scenarios are just examples of strategies I use in my daily life to achieve small to large scale successes on a regular basis. The key factor is to be consistently mindful of behaviours that are leading you either towards or away from success and opportunities.

People with a broad or open mind all seem to be successful and just ooze with coolness.

What’s the secret behind their energy?

For starters, they welcome new ideas with open arms (and ears). The biggest lesson one can take from this post is that being open-minded allows for one to be open and ready for opportunities. Once you tap into your higher frequency and focus on your end result, everything else is just the magic in the details.

Based on my thorough research for this post I compiled and condensed commonalities on the 10 most common traits found in resourceful folks. Check out the following traits below:

1. Broad-Minded

Resourceful people usually have extremely diverse interests and are always open to exploring new things.

They are they type to listen to a new podcast about growing microgreens or are quite willing to attend a webinar you suggested even if they are unfamiliar with the subject. Resourceful people know that it could become a source of inspiration.

They are also very curious and experimentalize. Many people with this trait don’t mind taking the risk. This risk will teach them or allow them to experience something new.

2. Creative Visionaries

They are open to different ideas. Resourceful people may be viewed as scattered, indecisive or fence-straddlers to others but once a decision is made, it is usually acted on and seen through until the end.

People enjoy speaking with resourceful individuals because they know how to listen and respond with useful information. They demonstrate curiosity about how other people see things.

See these individuals regard every conversation as a way to learn something new. They might be subject matter experts when speaking on certain topic of conversation, but may follow up with genuinely relevant questions to catalog points of contact for future reference.

They are very self-aware that they don’t know it all, so they are very keen on having new experiences any chance they can get. This allows them to expand social contacts and build micro-communities for the betterment of the world.

3. Resiliently Courageous

Resourceful Individuals are mentally strong and remain calm when faced with life’s misfortunes and pitfalls.

They are empathetic to the needs and emotions of others. Since they are open to opposing emotions, they are receptive to how others feel.

They feel the vibes of others: the good, the bad and everything in-between.

They value authenticity. If I say they never fib, that would be a lie.

They are skillful in the art of anti-band wagoning (yes, I made that term up lol) and don’t just go along with ideas for the convenience factor. Advocating for resources is a learned skill and multi-layered action so they prefer to express their honest opinion despite the consequences.

They see the humor in things that many people might not notice. This keenness and ability to communicate resources is what they share with others.

Honestly, they realized long ago that just about every situation presented in life has an outrageous but do-able plan b nearby, somewhere…Their humour of overcoming life’s battle with seeking opportunity is based on the harsh realities of life.

4.Tenacious Task Completers

They want to see things from the perspective of others and are not quick to judge. However, keep in mind, they are the one’s to call upon when gatekeepers are withholding knowledge/resources/opportunities that could benefit their communities.

Resourceful people are used to hearing no’s from others. See, disagreeing with them is okay. They themselves will reflect internally and assume that they have not expressed themselves clearly.

This leads to them trying to find out what is causing the block in action, communication or other. Resourceful people tend to see a disagreement as an opportunity to reconsider their own ideas.

Remember, resourceful individuals know that they themselves could be incorrect about something, so they are very willing to explore another person’s perspective in order to complete their end goal of helping others and either directly or indirectly…themselves.

5. Making Shit Happen Gang

This is a lifestyle.

Being resourceful means that you need to keep your ambition on the front lines at all times.

"Life doesn’t take a pause when you are dealing with a crisis. The key is to turn hardships into ships of opportunity"
- Articulate Tee

You do this by ranking your immediate versus distant needs. You then tap into appropriate resources at appropriate times.

These individuals strategize obtaining resources by doing things like entering a business pitch contest. Or, going harder on their cold calling efforts to reach out to even more potential clients and make their visions happen.

The bottom line is that when there is a goal in mind, you need to take immediate action and draft out a plan as to how you are going to make this shit happen.

A tip is to outline the end goal or resource needed, create time-bound mini-milestones markers and then go hard with your efforts so you can win, win, win no matter what.

6. Far-Sighted Actions

If you are trying to increase your resourcefulness, then you should be open to change.

Overstand that change is constant so why try and hold onto the past? With change comes new opportunities and possibilities of changing norms.

So, with that being said, resourceful folks don’t sit around and wait for change to arrive. These individuals seek opportunities to make changes happen by being active in their micro-communities, advocating for changes and leading as the point of contact for communication liaison.

They are very attentive and attune with their surroundings. It’s hard to claim you are open minded if your third eye is closed.

Since resourceful individuals are curious by nature, they are in tune with changes going on in their environments and the world around them. They are hyper-aware beings and take notice to things that fly overhead of most people.

So, they are most likely to notice little things and remember details. They will research resources for best- and worst-case life scenarios which in itself is an amazing prevention planning toolkit.

7. Seek to Solve Problems & Find Solutions for The Common Good

So, you want to help people eh?

Great, find yourself a seat and begin actively listen to the needs of others. That’s how you become a great problem solver. If you are always being asked of your opinions by others it’s a great sign that your help is sound advice.

People will remember you as the person to call on to creatively solve stubborn problems. Most people would turn to someone who they know will deeply listen and seriously consider what you should do.

Resourceful people love to get inside the headspace of others and figure out how to creatively get out of the pitfalls that life brings our way. That’s why they are very good mediators. They see both sides of an issue and find common ground.

8. Self Learners Who Improve Through Reading

“A question opens the mind; a statement closes the mind”
Robert Kiyosaki

Let’s be real here. In order to grow mentally you’ll need to tap into a learning mindset.

Researching and securing resources is a time-consuming and thick-skinned game.

Improvement begins by actively choosing to seek out and share useful information that would greatly benefit the lives of others. The resources needed may be unfamiliar or new to you so reading online forums like Reddit, Quora or other similar sites allows you to read the testimony of others and learn some valuable tips, tricks and tools.


If you want to be resourceful then you shouldn’t mind being labeled as a rebel. People think of rebels as “those” that just want to rub others the wrong way.

But some rebels are “those” that want to make radical changes to get things to work more efficiently than they have in the past. Resourceful people don’t follow the crowd or hop on the bandwagon.

They are willing to call out accepted wisdom into question for the betterment of the future. If their conviction and integrity is taken as signs of disapproval from others, they are okay with that response.

10. Multitasking Is A Waste of Energy

Indeed, it is.

Multitasking lowers your productivity the more advanced the tasks get. Take for example walking and talking verses counting out coins and creating your web content strategy this month.

When you are looking for resources you need to allocate 100% mental focus that rewards you for your fruitful efforts. You don’t want to miss resources, opportunities or deadlines because you wanted to be a jack of all trades to then became a master of none.

Block time out time to research, initiate contact/inquiry, and visit community centers and libraries in-person or virtually. Sending an inquiry e-mail allows for you to make physical point of contact with their employees and ask questions for more insight on how systems or programs work.

Visit physical or virtual postings boards because they usually detail current opportunities that are offered for that season.


Aspire to be someone who tries to keep an open mind.

This may be easier said than done though, let’s get real. The older you mature into adulthood (i.e.: past age 30), the less likely you are to change your major personality traits. This however is the upheld belief by modern psychologists but many do believe secondary elements like morals and values can change overtime thus shifting your personality slightly.

So, for the few it can seem rather difficult to acquire some of these traits.

Of course, it is possible for someone to increase their resourcefulness.


Well one needs to put forth a noticeable amount of effort to become aware. Expanded awareness allows for one to tap into resources that are available to or near you.

It allows you to seek and receive advice or opinions from individuals whose backgrounds are different from yours.

what they have to say without filtering it through your own biases or beliefs. The hardest part is learning to actively listen to another human being and avoid making rash judgements.

This maybe something you need to work on but we all got areas of weaknesses that could use some strengthening.

In essence, having the ability to think freely and accept new ideas will open up a world of opportunities for you, trust and believe me.

- Damn, you finished this article too! Looks good on you :)

What do you think about this list, statistic on resilience or topic?

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- Articulate Tee

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