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Venn Diagram by Tara Omorogbe

This is our version of the Venn Diagram created specifically for those seeking personal, professional and business growth. 


Success doesn't happen accidently. When you know what topics excite your brain, you learn information rapidly because of fostering a growth mindset. Many people stop there... but learning is only complete when it is questioned and tested in real life.


That's why it's key for entrepreneurs, working professionals, smb owners, corporate businesses, and higher-education institutions to elevate through a growth mindset and taking imperfect action.

The idea of a “growth mindset” is exploding in popularity in the worlds of education, psychology, sports, and business.


It’s the intrinsic belief in your capacity to learn and grow, which enables you to then do those things.


There’s a clear competitive advantage to adopting a growth mindset — but how?

In Mindset Shifts, an audio course from Scribd Coach, keynote speaker and personal development coach Tara Omorogbe explains how. In the course, she aims to provide listeners with a new self-awareness about their approach to overcoming challenges and renew their sense of motivation by adopting a growth mindset.


Omorogbe covers the characteristics of a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset, how to identify your mindset through self-awareness practice, evidence-based techniques to help shift your mindset, and much more.


She also shares exercises along the way to help you apply what you’ve learned immediately.

If you’re ready to find out what all the growth mindset hype is all about, look no further — The audio/e book Mindset Shifts can help you tap into that power!

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Mindset Shifts by Tara Omorogbe

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Articulate Tee Inc's Focus For: 2020-2030

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This is: Tara "Articulate Tee" Omorogbe

Mindset & Goal Success coach who helps you shed the excuses and gain clarity in life within 66 days.  

Tara "Articulate Tee" Omorogbe is the embodiment of a strong, resilient, female powerhouse. This, lone parent, author, writer, and 5x certified mindset and goal success coach has dedicated herself to growing her business, pulling double and triple duty when needed to get the job done as she shares her inspirational stories and perspective with the world.

Welcome to Articulate Tee Inc. | a space in this virtual world to connect with other beings who are aged 20-45 who are seeking change by overcoming themselves to develop purpose, attain life goals and manifest success!

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