This is: Articulate Tee (Tara)

Articulate Tee (Tara) is the embodiment of a strong, resilient, female powerhouse. This single mom, sole caregiver and great keynote speaker has dedicated herself to growing her business, pulling double and triple duty when needed to get the job done as she shares her inspirational stories and perspective with the world.


Welcome to her space in this virtual world

as you discover more about her, the passion she has for aiding her community, and strategies that

Articulate Tee uses in her daily life. 


We use an authentic voice and express ourselves freely around these parts.

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My Focus For 2020-2030


Speaking Archives

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Old Meets New ; George Brown College Panel (Nov 2019)

Team Conflict Aug 5 2020.png

Team Conflict & Conflict Resolution Webinar (1 hr) (Aug 2020)

ey graduation.webp

Motivational Speaking Keynote (15 min) (Nov 2020)

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Peer Led Social Media Webinar (1 hr) (Nov 2020)

diversify revenue.webp

Peer Led Diversification Webinar (2 hrs) (July 2021)

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